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Shitbag of a town in western prince edward island, canada.

self proclaimed 'western capital' to make themselves feel important. Home to needle-bangers who will break into your house in broad daylight so they can feed their drug habits. They have a greasy carnival every summer that you cant bring your family to because most of the losers show up wasted and are puking/fighting each other. Text book town full of slouches that should be avoided at all costs. comparable to small hick-villages in the american south west
My vacation to PEI was great, except for Summerside. What sad excuse for a town that is.
by yahyeahyes June 22, 2010
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A small town in the Prince county of Prince Edward Island (PE).
Where the days consist of running hoots, and rolling joints.
boy: What do you do for fun in Summerside?

other boy: hoots.
by blarg owner of persyie eight September 07, 2011
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