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A term used for a very attractive and sexy black female. Especially if she has a pretty face, is young, and dresses to accentuate her hot body e.g. small flat waist, plump butt, perky breasts. Summer Bunny is opposite of snow bunny which is a term coined for a similarly sexy white woman.

Guy 1: Dayum homes, that summer bunny is rockin' them daisies.
Guy 2: Man you trippin. I tried that last week; she ain't givin it up!

Lyrics from R Kelly's song Summer Bunnies (1994):

Girl, you know you knock me out
You're a real girl with your looks now baby
Girl you know you knock me out
Summer bunnies drive me crazy...
This party is packed, word to the mother
I love it when there's three bunnies to one brother
And wine coolers is what I'm packin'
And when I get my buzz on is when I start bunny-jackin'

Jackin' fools for their bunnies
'Cause I'm the K, the E, the double L, the Y...
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Website that launched December 25, 2002 and features some of the hottest models that have ever donned a thong. Buffie the Body, Lyric and Khrysti Hill are in the numbers.
summer bunnies, urban models
by Dwyane Darden August 03, 2007
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