Someone that is attractive in a really nice way. A way that warms your heart and makes you either want to hug them, or crawl under a pile of blankets because they are so sumar.
Me: "He's such a Sumar"
by Sumsar May 26, 2022
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Super awesome smart chick with a nice ass. Rumor has it, that's where she keeps her money. Beautiful inside and out. Brutally honest, and an amazing friend. Will be there for you through the ups and downs. And she is always willing to get sno cones or go to whataburger with you at 1 in the morning
See that chick with the nice ass? That's Sumar!
by iheartlink May 29, 2017
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Beautiful laid back
Life has been like a movie
Has had rollercoaster mood swings
Somewhere from Texas
There goes Sumar!
by Grammar nazi2 December 19, 2016
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Sumar a girl who is a little over weight sucks a lot of dick and has had anal sex with big dick black guys. She thinks she is so smart and pretty when in reality she isn't. She also thinks that every guy wants her but they only want her ass.
Person: Did you hear about the girl who sucked a lot of dick?

Me: must have been a Sumar.
by Grammar Nazi 1 February 11, 2016
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