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The name of a beautiful lady, someone who can hypnotize you with her smile. Known to be smart & very classy.
I can spend a lifetime in the company of Sumaiyya, she's the shizzo!
by UmAirR. February 16, 2010
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She's known for her acts of kindness. She's very pretty and has no problem making friends. Sumaiyya always shares things and she has beautiful hair. Her skin is almost always flawless and she is very good at makeup. She always has that summer body and you don't want toget on her bad side. If you ever have beef with her, you're better off just admiting you're wrong because Sumaiyya only takes the right side. If you're in beef, tere is no doubt that you will feel bad after because she will always pick out the things you did wrong to make you feel that way. Go apologize to her if you're in beef with her or she will make your life hell. Get yourself a friend called Sumaiyya because she is the absolute best!
Guy: Did you see Sumaiyya? She was wearing makeup with her hair loose.

Guy's friend: Ahh you should have seen what she was wearing yesterday😍
by tease_me_baby April 06, 2019
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