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The inability to keep friends for any period of time. When someone is sukilicious, they are a black hole of drama, sucking everything and everyone around them into it's emotionally charged vortex, causing people to head straight for the hills. Sukilicious people have no attention span whatsoever. They continuously run around like a puppy dog with A.D.D. and instead of creating anything of true value, they live a dismal life of mediocrity. They have delusions of stardom, being C.E.O.'s of corporations, and set themselves up to fail in order to feed into the drama vortex.
I used to talk to that dude, but he became so sukilicious it was easier to forget he existed.
by SIguy 2547 October 18, 2011
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a predator, ruthless, manipulative and often charming. Sukilicious refers to being a β€œmoral imbecile,” to be sukilicious is to exhibit a marked lack of conscience, callous, remorseless and spectacularly self-centered, willing to use and abuse others to achieve their ends, to blame others, including their victims, for their problems and bad behaviour.
His "sukilicious" behavior was so cleverly crafted and manipulative, that others around him thought they were crazy.
by Pumpkin Pussy October 04, 2011
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the realm of sensory pleasure existing just above "delicious" which is highly pleasing to the coccyx region resulting in guffaw-like laughter emulating from the uvula to the jawbone area resulting in imbecilic jocularity
"My beef sukiyaki was so sukilicious that a piece of tofu flew out of my nose."

"Outstanding service pastor, I found your eulogy on polygamy to be sukilicious."

"Honeybadger doesn't care, honeybadger eats whatever shit he wants and feels sukilicious all over."
by Sukymedia September 15, 2011
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When something is as satisfying or incredible as thirst quenching Sukie drink. Initially applied to food, but recently has become a defining term for people, clothes and pasta.
Deirdre : Chris, those jeans are damn near Sukilicious...

Chris: Marc, don't judge me, I'm Sukilicious
by No Cryers May 17, 2010
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