Words used by corporate heavies or upper management "Suits" to confuse, convince, intimidate, or otherwise baffle an office drone or "associate" into compliance. Sentences are riddled with buzzwords. Suit Speak is a kind of capitalist/office version of Orwellian "double speak". Words are made overtly complicated and then sanitized so that unpleasant matters can be discussed and disguised in a "politically correct" falsely optimistic way.
Associate A: "Man, there was a lot of suit speak at that meeting. You think anyone knows we're all going to fired in a week or so?"

Associate B: "What do you mean? I thought we were all being paid to engage in aggressive retraining opportunities so the company can refocus on cost effective outsourcing? I want to be a value oriented thought leader so I can embrace the new partner championed fiscal re-evaluation. That's good, right?"

Associate A: "Dude! Use your head... Get your resume ready."
by James Macklen July 31, 2006
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