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This is when you go into a bathroom needing to take a JDub, and there is only one stall available (the others are occupied by other MadShyters). The absolute worst situation is when there are 3 stalls, and you get stuck with the middle one. You're caught in the cross-fire of stank smells.
"P-Diddy went upstairs planning to take a RayBurr, but instead was stuck in the SuicideStall" or "After an evening of drinking Natty Light, ER went to the Mall. Suddenly, he knew he had to drop a JDub in a damn hurry. He went to the Mall bathroom, but the only stall available was the SuicideStall. He decided to try to smuggle the JDub back home, but instead shat in he draws as he went over a speed bump on the way out of the Mall".
by The Guvna June 27, 2003
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