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A series of fictional works (that reads like bad fanfiction) that were created by Lionel Suggs. Lionel Suggs was a poster, who debated about fictional characters in vs debates and in vs forums and debated about who would win in an encounter between fictional characters, however, he heavily fan wanked his favorite franchises such as Getbackers. He pretty much showed his fantardism and fanboyism for this franchise and made them seem as if they were unbeatable, unstoppable, etc.

However, both his fanboyism and his wanking of Getbackers were exposed. He began to lose a lot of fictional character vs debates and became so butthurt due to him no longer winning any debates. He became so butthurt that he created his own fictional series of stories and this was called Suggsverse and the purpose of these stories were made so that they could never lose fictional vs debates.

Also, Suggsverse suffers from a myriad of problems such as bad writing and a shitload of repetition, which is like a "cardinal sin" in literary writing. All of the characters are essentially omnipotent and have infinite everything, which doesn't make sense. Not only that, but the fodder characters are even omnipotent which makes you wonder how they even were defeated. There are also nonsensical lines such as "infinitely infinite" and "beyond omnipotent". I've never seen infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent used so many times before. The bad writing is on par with Demonbane.
Suggsverse is bad fanfiction made by Lionel Suggs because he was butthurt from losing vs debates in vs forums, due to his wanking of Getbackers being exposed. He then made his own fictional universe that was created to never lose. Unfortunately, the writing is very terrible since everyone is an omnipotent, even the fodder characters, and words like infinite and omnipotence are repeated so many times in one sentence that it makes any sane person's head explode.
by Wahrsager350 July 31, 2015
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