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The irritation felt on your tongue after eating too much sugary/sour candy.
I just finished my third bag of Sour Patch Kids and I have a really bad case of sugartongue.
by Dexi June 09, 2011
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when you eat too much sugar coated candy your tongue will get all gross and things will taste weird for a short time.
damn joey, if you keep eating those sour patch kids you're gonna get sugar tongue!
by snugglebandit September 12, 2008
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When you've been eating pussy or cock and your Tongue gets cum (aka sugar) all over it.
Ryan: Man I was eating so much pussy last night I got a sugar Tongue!
Brendon: I know what you mean dude, I get a sugar Tongue every night.
by ILikeCottonCandy January 24, 2009
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