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A nickname showing love and adoration to a significant other, mostly females.
(Male) I love you hunny.
(Female) I love you too, sweetie.
(Male) You're my sugarpuss.
by Ray ray ray ray January 16, 2009
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The cutesy nickname Logan Echolls gives to Veronica Mars, (off the the CW's mystery/detective show aptly named for the character.) in the episode "Ruskie Business", when Veronica & Logan were pretending to be an engaged couple.
LOGAN ECHOLLS: "Wow, sugarpuss, you've certainly been a busy little bee."
*Veronica & Logan giggle at each other, then to the receptionist,*
LOGAN ECHOLLS: "Ah, she's a keeper."
by Lisa Parnell February 08, 2009
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An expression of absolute and utter lameness in being. Also used to describe an act of lameness or ridiculousness.
Dave: What are you doing this friday night?
Goemem: I'll probably hit up the library.
Dave: You sugar puss.
by m1ny0n September 29, 2010
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