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A southern term that is used to call someone you love dearly. This word is mostly used by men who are deeply in love with their girl.
Amanda: Hey Doug what are you doing today. Can we hang out??

Doug: Sure thing sugarloop. I just got to finish this homework first and then ill meet you down at the park
by Puppppy October 06, 2009
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1.)To trick or fool someone in a funny way where the party being tricked has no idea but others know.

2.)When someone is unknowingly the butt of a joke whilst other laugh and mock them behind their back
1.)Damn she just got sugarlooped so hard. She doesn't even know that he's just being nice to get what he wants.

2.) Did you just hear me sugarloop the shit out of her she thinks we are friends.
by Gillby May 03, 2010
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