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Sugarland Run, or Sugarland, is one of the poorest parts of Loudoun County. It is also poorly designed as there are no sidewalks. Instead, there are nature trails in the woods behind the houses and apartments. Anyone attempting to walk these trails will be jumped by some chulo and his vatos. Despite having no sidewalks, poorly-maintained bicycles are the preferred mode of transportation; much to the detriment of motorists.

Unlike most low-income neighbourhoods, Sugarland is surrounded on all sides by expensive, upper-middle class communities in Sterling VA. These communities blocked off access to Sugarland and as a result, there are only two ways in and out of the neighbourhood despite having thousands of residents

Regardless of where someone lives in Loudoun or Fairfax county, telling someone you live in Sugarland will always merit a response of, "That Sucks Dude!". Unless they live in Herndon or Great Falls as a community of million-dollar houses in Herndon is also named Sugarland
Kid from Annandale: - "Where do you live?"

Kid from Sugarland Run: - "Sugarland in Sterling"

Kid from Annandale: - "Dude, that sucks!" "Sugarland is sketchy as hell"
by White Guy on a Bike July 13, 2010
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