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A nickname given to your co-worker, who is now a good friend. Or a freind who is close like a sister. When your co-worker begin the sentence with Sugahloo in a low voice, you know she is about to tell you something juicy about your supervisor or other co-worker. She may also be giving you a heads up on something about you or your job. If she says Sugahlooooooooooooo, she is in a good mood- because it is Friday, the day before a holiday, she is leaving work early, or its some kind of payday. Created by Rena in Oakland, CA
1.Sugahloo, Monica ( the suvpervisor) had the nerve to say working 15 hours a day is normal.
2. Sugahloo, bosslady was looking at her watch, when she saw you come through the door ( dam my boss knows I came in late).
3.Hey Sugahloooooooo!!!
by Rena510 May 22, 2010
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