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A sudden attack is a sudden, unexpected, unstoppable need to take a massive dump. Most often occurs in those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or those who just consumed a large amount of fast food. 95% of the time, a sudden attack doesn't leave you enough time to walk to the nearest crapper forcing you to sprint like a madman which only makes it harder to hold it in. As such, you're forced to clench your asscheeks together as hard as you can resulting in a very awkward looking running posture that is certain to catch the attention and imagination of all nearby.
"That six-pack and a pound sure hit the spot...OH SHIT, SUDDEN ATTACK!"

Bob: Whoa, that guy's running like he just took it in the ass.
John: Probably a sudden attack.

Bob: Are we there yet? I gotta take a dump soon.
John: I think that there's a gas station about ten minutes down...
John: Goddammit...
by Yeret February 09, 2015
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Sudden Attack (Korean: 서든어택) is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter online game developed by the South Korean company, GameHi.
Very popular in South Korea and the game is currently going around the whole world (eg. South East Asia, North America).
Sudden Attack can be seen as a different version of Counter Strike.
by SuddenAttackFan December 13, 2009
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