When you’re roasting someone and they don’t have a good comeback
Person 1: Yeah I was baking him and he ain’t have nothing to say

Person 2: You sucked a fart out his booty for real.

Person 1: Yeah, I’m Sucking Fart Out Ya Booty.
by therealestrealnig January 6, 2022
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1. A person who follows another person around.

2. A flunky

3. A yes man or woman; usually with low self esteem

4. A follower; usually a dim wit.
Brad remarked happily, "Sam is my suck out the booty." Sam was pissed off and embarrassed.

"Daaang. Dude a suck out the booty!" replied Steve after watching Tom follow Kevin around like a puppy dog.
by Chambana July 8, 2012
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