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In replacment with the phrases
A)"I told you so"
B) "I dont care"
C) "of course"
D) in juxtapositioning with "i dunno!"
E) "suck my penis"
F)"I love you"
G)"Is it time to eat yet?"
H)"Where's the car?"
I)in frustration and/or excitment!
J)or in agreement
A) Jim : Damn that bitch was a hoe!
Fred: Suck mah Balls!

B) Jim : Youre gonna fail the test man.
Fred: ah the test could suck mah balls.

C) (knock on Freds door)
Fred: Who's there?
Jim : Dis dick!
Fred: Suck Mah Balls

D) Jim : dood wheres mah car
Fred: I dunno, suck mah balls

E) Fred: Hey Jim
Jim : what?
Fred: Suck mah balls!

F) Jim : Hey Fred Suck mah balls!
Fred: Suck mah balls too man...suck mah balls (*tear*)

G) Fred: ey Suck mah balls?
Jim : in a bit.

H) Jim : ey Suck mah balls?
Fred: i dunno, suck mah balls

I) Fred: I lost your Quake 4 man sorry
Jim : SUCK MAH BALLS! you better get that shit back its only $30 now!
Fred: SUCK MAH BALLS! Sweet!

J) Jim : Hey i heard you got to level 33 the other day
Fred: yea pretty tough!
Jim : Suck mah balls.
by Wasted256 May 04, 2006
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Catch phrase of many 'za eaters and dew slammers!
James - "Yo i saw hatebreed last night they were sooo extreme, made me want to slam a dew!"
by HB March 09, 2003
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