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The sadness is still among us,
Terrorizing us and that is why this topic is still up for discussion, Racism is a monster,
Blows up our society like a rocket launcher,
People hear the 'N' and wanna kill them at the alter,
But we need to understand that the Ku Klux Klan wants us hung like pigs at the slaughter,
If you my skin or any other skin color besides white I don't know how you deal,

To mask what is actually real,
To go on along ignorantly,

As other races belittle you and get in ya feels,
Because now it's a reoccurring thing that is natural,
It's become so accurately cultural,
But I'm told to stay punctual,
Fuck that, can you hear me? I'll ask again can you hear me?

closing verse
Nobody wants to listen,
My flow needs some touch ups but meanings still glistens,

I try to spread the truth and give you more knowledge,
Because when you look on FOX and CNN only Asians and whites going to college,
by The United Ones May 20, 2016
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