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The act of sending an email with a highly inappropriate subject line to a friend as a prank. Typically this is done in jest in hopes of causing mild to moderate panic for the recipient at his or her workplace. When composed correctly, the email-- which is always sent to the recipient's work email address --should contain key words or phrases that would alert the IT department to the inappropriate subject matter. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

-Sex with Hookers or co-workers (preferably at work)
-The recipient's full-on addiction to cocaine
-A response to a prior email about the bosses micro penis
-Anything related to a Chris Hanson/Dateline NBC investigation on his/her usage of internet chat rooms
Dude 1: "I cannot believe Bryan got fired yesterday!"

Dude 2: "Seriously?! You 'Subject Lined' him with the "RE: Your Rubbermaid Chin Dildo order is confirmed" ...How did you see that one playing out?"

Dude 1: "...People who work at churches really need to lighten up."
by Mopper February 06, 2011
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