There is the underlying "Sub-Language" within conversional language that is indicative of you all talking about me when I'm not around and you're either doing it intentionally or you're doing it without realizing. I may not be able to tell the difference but I can uses your behavior to deduce conclusions.
Hym "And it's interesting to consider whether or not YOU know you're doing it. Are you TRYING NOT TO? Are you aware? Are you trying to get me to think something? Do something? That's what's irritating about it. Why would I know what YOU want me to think or DO in response to the thing you're saying? If you're doing it deliberately, I mean. It's just this weird "Sub-Language" and it's not that I don't understand what you're saying it's that... What is your point? AND? What is your next step? You did that. I did what I did in response to that. Now what? Your turn. I don't see the point of any of this."
by Hym Iam April 9, 2023
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