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The term use to express a beautiful asian woman.

One who looks like a Goddess. is happy. Makes any man happy with her caring personality. She makes people smile when they are around her.
Su Ying's are often found saying words such as BRB and lol. Usually her BRB's last more than 10 minutes though.
Su Ying's will surely make great girlfriends
Dan: Did you see that girl glowing over there?

Dave: Yeah she's definitely at Su Ying status.

Dan: Well i'll go make a move then on my baby Bloop.
by IloveBloop June 17, 2011
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She's will be the first person who is successful at World Domination. This person is the most superior authority you will ever meet. She has multiple personalities but never means harm (unless it's personal). Although she could be described as the bad character in a book, she could be one of the most amazing people you will ever meet.
Omg that girl is obviously Su Ying! All hail Su Ying!
by emperorgreg June 08, 2019
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