Pronunciation: stooo-pock-ruh-see
Function: noun
Inflected Form: plural -cies

A type of self-government where a society is mysteriously incapable of producing intelligent leaders. A form of dysfunctionalocracy.
After several presidential and congressional election cycles, the government remained divided along party lines. Rather than leading the nation into prosperous times, they descended into a state of stupocracy.
by Fname Mi Lname June 17, 2010
Any business organization run exclusively by people who not only live in fear of making a meaningful decision, but seem to be favorably compensated on the basis of their unwillingness or inability to make a decision. Typically, the degree to which this situation adversely affects customers and suppliers is demonstrably linked to a complete lack of understanding of the organization's business model and/or customers.
"Not only is this product launch likely to result in a complete failure and loss of a great deal of money, but the stupocracy responsible for it will somehow spin it to make it seem like a success."
by Kreepnndeath October 30, 2018