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it can be used as a verb or adjective and is often used in the plural sense as "Stuhls" Originally derived from the english word "styl" works best when used in combination with "honda civics" "bros" "hoes" and other general swag words. Generally has something to do with "dipping the scene" or getting "shit done". Can be used aggressively or passively and assertively.
Had some background with persians and their bros and styls eventually evolved into stuhl from next manz styl.
"I got some stuhls in the back lot stuhl" "Can I check out your honda civic stuhl?" "Are you going to finish that Dynasty stuhl?
"yo are you bringing those cash for lifes over stuhl?" "yo you see that one hoe over there stuhl? she has a nice ass stuhl!" Yo man I dont know about that bitch stuhl!" "hey what are you doing tonight bro? yo brochef im straight stuhling no chullen"
"yo bro you wanna get smacked stuhl?" "yo im straight stuhlin right now" "you wanna go bro stuhl?"
by Rufulio Jones March 04, 2012
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