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It's the act of sitting next to a person with whom you are studying. This could be either a real date, (1)if you like this person and this person likes you. This serves as the primer for a legit date to come. Or it could be a (2)"pretend" date, if you are just friends and loosely use the term "date".
i.e. (1)
Sean: Heyyyyy wanna go to Starbucks? I'll help you study for your stats midterm ;)?
Natalie: *I wonder if it's a study date because he is super cute but kinda not.. idk yet, do I like him? hmmm* Sure, see you there at 7pm!

i.e (2)
Sean: Natalie, wanna go on a study date at the library?
Natalie: Sure, I'll bring my books! *Hope he knows there won't be any action.... ;)*
by Sweatshirts and pearls October 10, 2014
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