A group of people who are willing to get up earlier, work harder and be leaders on and off the field, court, and classroom. They are incredibly hard working not only keeping grades up but also striving to be the best in what they do.
Why do they work so hard?

They’re student athletes.
by Davids13222 December 2, 2018
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Those edgy kids in middle/high school who think they are the best.
You see that idiot who thinks he's the best at everything?
Yeah, that's a student athlete
by Zack_Moneys March 16, 2017
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A student athletic trainer is like an athletic trainer, but with no pay and less medical training. In a high school setting, they basically get water, pass out band-aids, help with treatment, and hang out with athletes. They generally spend the most time on football and other male sports, because most student trainers are females and most female athletes are bitches.
See that smokin' chick over there? She's a student athletic trainer. I'm going to get hurt so I can talk to her" " Do it man!"
by TrainingChick January 2, 2011
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Commonly known as student-athlete. However, they are more an athlete first and student second. The athlete-student spends more time dedicated to their sport than to their academics, since they are obligated to hours of practice, injury treatment, travel, games/matches,coach's meeting, etc.
Football is taking up my life that I don't have time to study. We're supposed to be student-athletes, but our ridiculous coaches make sure that we're athlete-students.
by Tiffany100000 June 26, 2008
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Something no child is born as, just like no child is born as a teacher. Just like being a teacher is a job and not who somebody is, a kid becomes conditioned to be something like a student athlete when their mother or father pay for a school that gets them adjusted to life after 18, but its not who they are. Really who a kid is born as, is who they were born to be and what they were born to be, and the rest is added on (often not for the better).
He/she identifies as a student athlete, some other kids might even know him/her as a student athlete, but nobody is a student athlete 24 hours of every day no matter how much time they have to put into a sport or what they're learning about. During their time sitting at a dinner table or being around the house is he/she a mouthy cunt or a cocky pretty boy faggot that enjoys instigating with family and people they know well?
by Solid Mantis July 3, 2019
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