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Studemyer is a derogatory slang terms for males usually associated with fraternities and long boarding. They are often seen wearing full body design shirts commonly associated with Ed Hardy or Affliction, in addition they commonly sport white baseball caps that are fraying at the brim or tilted visors. Diets usually include fine meals purchased on a guardian's credit card along with gratuitous amounts of Natural Light beer. Angel wings, Tribal, or Crosses are generally found tattooed on the body

Hobbies usually include: Screaming "Fuck Yea Bra" out of their sports car or lifted "extreeeemmmeee" off-roading vehicle, researching different combination of sedative drugs to slip into female's drinks, or just "bro-ing it up"

See also Dude Bro or frat boy
Triple Kegger at Studemyer's place WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Dude Bra!!! can you grind that rail? said the Studemyer
by satansatansatan! September 28, 2009
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