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A place where wannabe's & fakes live.
yo yo im soo gangsta because i wear baggy clothes & live in Stuarts Draft.
by tity. June 17, 2008
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otherwise know as "draft"
the most amazing place on earth. sure there's drama but where isn't it? i hate when people diss it because it's my hometown and i love it there. although, realtors suck and jobs are pretty scarce. but i wouldn't trade that place for the world, but my parents think otherwise. and i miss it like nothing else.
my parents made me move from stuarts draft, where i lived seven years of my life. and at my new school i'm an intense loner because i can't seem to make new friends because i can't let go of the ones in draft. hey mom&dad, you suck.
by yournamecan'tbeblaaaaaaaaaaank January 07, 2011
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