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President of Cartoon Network from 2007 onward, CEO of Turner from the time of writing. Once worked for Cinar (now called Cookie Jar) animation company, situated in Monteal, Canada, known for a very successful run at children's animation. He has tried to promote anti-bullying campaigns to the point where Dr. Phil McGraw and Anderson Cooper have taken interest in his projects.

Snyder's background eventually led Cartoon Network to strike a deal with him after former president, Tim Samples, left due to the infamous Boston Bomb Scare (currently head of HGTV). Snyder seemed right for the position, but others firmly disagree...

Snyder's name often acts as a punching bag for older viewers of the network. Snyder's programming once caused disastrous collapse of viewers at Cartoon Network. It is believed he often short-changes any and all ideas brought forth to the channel, has a savage obsession with ratings, and a penchant for live-action exploits. This could stem from the fact he has tried to create a Disney/Nickelodeon level ratings premise.

While there is no true confirmation on Snyder's actions in the executive chair, when it comes television shows, he treats them like racehorses. Should they become unable to win the race anymore, he pulls out his shotgun.
Toonami, the front-runner for CN, went off the air for good about a year after Snyder came to the network, biting out roughly 25% of viewers.

He was highly supportive of Out of Jimmy's Head, the first live action show of CN...


Stuart Snyder's phenomenally disastrous concept of CN Real shredded the ratings of CN. Even then, many of the worst programs of the network still remain kicking at the expense of good ones.

Lauren Faust, Craig McCracken (husband of Faust), and Genndy Tartakovsky have all left CN after their ideas were shot down. Dozens of other relatively excellent cartoons have not made it out alive after he came to blows with the creators.

YouTube users Gohan6425, CommanderThunderush, and Ma221s, seem to hold particular interests toward CN. The first has actively posted videos ranting the network incessantly, the second is strategically building up channel popularity to post a thorough rant for all to see, and the third has posted this video, "WTF Happened to Cartoon Network?!?!," the most popular in terms of the overall attitude by the viewers toward CN. Adult Swim has also lampshaded the network's own actions.

Given his background at Cinar, Stuart has occasionally been accussed of trying to remold CN into its mirror image to avoid looking incompetent- he had limited experience with the network format, directed at a completely different audience. Unfortunately, he triggered what TV refers to as a Dork Age, crippling the image of CN.
by TheWilyMessenger November 25, 2011
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An old CEO of Cartoon network. The moron thought it would be a GREAT idea to release live-action shows on Cartoon network....

CARTOON network....

ex. Stuart Snyder was terrible. I watched NICKELODEON instead of CN during his time of CEO.
by Colind8 December 28, 2016
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