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1. When one is having a particularly difficult time, usually because of a hangover.

2. When a dude's dick is extremely large and makes sex painful and/or difficult for the female.
1. Today is the actual worst, I am just strugglefucking through this day.

2. Sam's dick is soooo gigantic. Whenever we have sex, it's like strugglefucking.
by mrs_smith27 August 07, 2015
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A sport in which two male opponents take viagra, get naked, cover themselves in crisco, and then begin to wrestle with the winner being the one who penetrates any hole of their opponent. In which case must scream GOAL at the time of penetration to signify they have won the match.
Tonight on pay per view the reigning champ John doe takes on jim Richardson in the Struggle Fucking event of the year!
by M.F. Chow February 09, 2017
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