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Basically, someone who you dislike or belive to be a dumbass. A fun little insult that sounds vagly like "stupid fuck" when said fast enough, which is pretty fast. It can be used between friends or enemies. However, I don't advise using this insult in a fight, because "thems ain't exactly fightin' words," and you might, from then on be considered a pansy. It's not exactly tough, but if u want an insult thats not too abbrasive, and won't offend really, anyone, yet still allow you to call people names, here's your word!

Effeminate male -"Peter, you totally stole my favorite Duran Duran poster! are such a strudel cup! And where's my Journey CD I lent you last week?"

Thirteen year-old girl -"OMG!! That guy doesn't even know who kelly clarkson is! jeeeze, what a strudel cup."

You -*man cuts you in line to see the latest olsen twins movie, and u mutter under your breath* "Strudel cup."
by Rowenis July 24, 2006
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