1) A meaningless phrase written on the side of a bus
2) A phrase uttered by a robotic prime minister that is in need of a restart.
3) (Theresa May) Repeated frequently while running through a field of wheat to calm down.
4) A sentence filler in order to avoid answering a question
5) A phrase used to completely ignore the issues at stake in an election
Your choice at this election: Strong and Stable Leadership under Labour, or a coalition of chaos under Theresa May and the DUP Dinosaurs.
by CSD123 July 19, 2017
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A term used sarcastically to talk about somebody who thinks they are in a very strong position (e.g. in a negotiation or contest), but are actually a feckless arsehat who is overestimating their own worth.
Theresa May is looking pretty "strong and stable" today.
by xSpaceman_Spiff June 09, 2017
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