When someone's eyebrows are perfect in every way and can not be improved.
"Have you seen Alex Gaskarths eyebrows?"
"Yeah man! He has strong eyebrow game! Have you seen Matt Smiths?"
"Dude, Matt Smiths eyebrow game is weak"
by Sitzplinker June 15, 2014
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when your eyebrows are just too perfectly done and gapped that its so strong.
"dude did you see Sarah's eyebrows"
"yeah man her eyebrow game is so strong"
"shes got strong eyebrow game for sure!"
by speghettoandmeatballs December 09, 2013
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The act of having perfect eyebrows, usually with lots of character.
Zachary Quinto has such strong eyebrow game. But then again, Matt Smith's game is pretty strong too.
by SlugFart June 08, 2014
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