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Strippers are easiest of all people to make fun of. One man decided to crop a pole for those spiritually lazy blobs, they would look uttermost fattied for eternity. Life for a woman without someone giving them a pole to fit for thier trouble? Well, eating a lot of sweets & fatty buildup. Uncontaneable gymbumbs have most the same function. The stripper cannot fit into existence on earth with adequate measure to make it as a God, so they just keep with thier fatty conscience and work with the pole since they need managing a generic turf. A pole functions them & sacrifices each fatty calorie. Monkey, start swinging on a pole, makes muscles too simply, easy, makeup to extinguish. No different than other people, just born at the wrong place at the wrong time and have to surrender to a pole for hours. Strippers have no sense, just sacrifice and learn a lesson off of pressure generically. As to terminate self corruption.
Sex slaves get all the loose ends to make our babies completely controlled. Thus fitting all the impaired blobs to work with the strippers to keep their genericness for future generations until they wipe their own ass straight. Never go into shock in a settled atmosphere if they don't already have OCD, a cigarette or vibrator for any senses. Sex Slaves finally make the win as they own all this, and know what will happen just like reading the back of their own hand. They know what moves to make and penalyse offenders without trying.
In match Stripper vs Sex Slave: A stripper has no imagination and degrades themself to someone else's invention to make exercize. People like them are called gym goers who have most the same function. They admire the strippers deeply and look up to them as stripper has a higher rank then a gymnist because they get more air, a higher elevation and can rush blood to thier head quicker. So Stripper Vs. Sex Slave, obviously here, the sex slave wins, their the ones doing all the labour.

Strippers vs Sex Slaves : Strippers never learned good for barter or trade, need mediation at all times, learn generically. Sex Slaves roll in head strong with a smart style, sense of charisma, perfect eating habbits, beautiful face, smart sense and passion to carry it all with their swag.

Stippers Vs Sex Slaves : Strippers process and Sex Slaves control. Therefor Sex Slaves win and own over the Strippers.
by premonitionguidant June 06, 2010
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