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The imagined romance between Dave and Bro Strider, two characters from the series Homestuck. Though illicit in origin due to its incestuous nature, Stridercest is hot as fuck.
"I love me some Stridercest fiction."
by soapy goodness October 13, 2015
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The IMAGINED relationship between Dave strider and Dirk strider.
But fuck this hard in the ass because incest is not wincest and 60% of stridercest images are straight porn images. (Though I gotta admit it is hot as fuck.)
Jeff: β€œStridercest is a ship that only sick fucking perverts ship.”

Billy: β€œBut its pretty damn hot”

*looks up images of stridercest*

Jeff: β€œShit you’re right now I’m hard.”
by IIHaveNoLife June 15, 2018
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