Stretched Tires are when car and truck enthusiasts install tires narrower than the wheels on their vehicle. Although this is often done because owners are too poor to buy the correct size rubber, some do it for "the look", unaware the fad started in the late 1990's in the gay male community of Mexico City where it continues to this day. The more "stretch" a man put on his truck tires indicated his status as being able to accept larger penises for anal sex. More stretch equals more dick.
My friend Chris wasn't getting much action until he put stretched tires on his Silverado. Now every time he goes to Home Depot, he brings home a Juan or Pedro to give him a good reaming.
by KTeacherK June 16, 2021
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when a woman uses an large dildo to stretch out a mans anus
after she gave me a stretched tire, i licked her balloon knot. never shat so easy in my life the day after
by RdRocket September 14, 2018
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