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Testosterone-fuelled stress; when a male is giving off stress vibes so aggressively strong that the tension is palpable and quite frankly, a little bit scary.
"His stressticles were so strong I couldn't wait to get out of the room!"

"Hell, that guy was radiating stressticles! Chill pill, much?!"
by Mal de Fées December 03, 2012
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A combination between the words stress and testicles
It describes the state in which a male occurs when he is so stressed that it even can be felt in his balls.
Person 1: Hey, whats up dude?
Person 2: My exams are tomorrow and I didn't even start studying, I'm so stressed!
Person 1: Typical case of stressticles!
by Jaapisgay? June 19, 2009
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Boy related stress. (Stress + Testicles= Stressticles).
OMG he just sent me a dick pick! I can feel the stressticles coming on.
by one groovy chick May 18, 2016
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