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A thug, someone who is involed in the ghetto, and street life.
A Street Ronin, may be affiliated with gangs, but is not a gang member.
Street Ronin live by their own rules, and don't take shit from anyone.
Street Ronin have been known to do anything that makes money: hustlin', pimpin', dealin', stealin', robbin', killin', etc.
Street Ronin are street smart and know the ways of the game. They study others and learn from what they see. Street Ronin don't like no bullshit, and stay away from the weak hearted, the foolish, the fake, and the big talkers. Street Ronin ride at night, and creep in the shadows.
A Street Ronin is a real man, from the hood, who stands up for what he believes in, takes death before dishonor, and fears nothing.
"I aint no crip or blood, im a Street Ronin."

"Don't fuck wit a Street Ronin!"
by JGSR March 21, 2006
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The Street Ronin does what he has to do and says what he wants to say. He thinks for himself and isn't held beck by social inhibitions. He follows his own path, making a place for himself. The lone wolf, not swaying for anyone.
Ignorant, or
Street Ronin Sloujah, alwayz stand next to my creed!
by JGSR July 13, 2006
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