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A dark skinned person generally black who roams the streets at night. These people are very hard to see while driving at night until they open their eyes very wide or smile to show their teeth.
Fuck man I almost hit another street monkey on the way over here. Luckily he showed his teeth and I just missed him.
by Drewbaca January 02, 2011
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this word is a slang word for people both men and women and teenagers who do the sport know as parkour. parkour originated in france and is now done all over world.
friend: man did you see those guys doing flips over that wall!
me: yea they are street monkey's
by parkour teen July 11, 2011
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A person that is ford oriented and prefers to street race a car that you do not see much of. Dares to be different from the normal in crowd. ( a prankster )
A person that doesn't try to be like everyone else. "Everyone has a Mustang or Camaro so I'll drive the station wagon!" Very sneaky and may very well surprise you when doubted.You better not race streetmonkey, you will get embarrassed! Streetmonkey drives a sleeper!
by Jonathan streetmonkey Anderson December 28, 2007
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