Living on the streets and struggling to survive, often used by white kids living in bubbles and think that its a joke. Street Life is connected to Hip-Hop Culture, and or Gangs / Graffiti. Many people use drugs and are desperate for money.
Street Life
by Rob Byers November 12, 2010
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Street life crew is crew from Bulgaria made back in 2007. Couple of friends made it with objective to be together. Since then the crew grown and have more than 20 members all over Bulgaria, even in Serbia. The crew is making graffiti, breakdancing, c-walking, hip hop music, and many more.
"My crew is my life. My crew have my back. One life, one crew - Street Life Crew"

by GrimSLC July 14, 2010
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The Street Niggas for Life, or SNL gang, is a gang formed east of Chicago by an individual known only as SK. The gang is extremely secretive and little is known about its inner-workings. Two gang mantras, BANDED and BANDAID are two things known about the gang. The mantras were created by leader SK to influence gang members. They are supposedly only known publicly because SNL gang members shouted them at a rival gang.
The Street Niggas for Life (SNL) are a gang formed east of Chicago.
by bandit2222222 July 10, 2009
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