A street fight, but it's much more chaotic and there are more people fighting. In some cases Street Brawls may end in only one person standing.
The kingsman church scene looked like a street brawl, but why would a church be in the streets, am i right?
by DesiredExoticNeighbor July 21, 2018
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The historic event in which the yup-yup martians beamed McDonald's sesame seed buns into Big Bird's stupid yellow beak until he choked and died, resulting in a grand feast during which all of the Sesame Street characters feasted on Big Bird's fat stupid corpse. Snuffallupacus was later quoted saying "Tastes like chicken!" Elmo was deliberately punched in the face by Oscar everytime he said, "please sir, may I have s'more". Oscar was quoted saying"no Elmo, the sun will not come out tomorrow you fucking retard" (even though he secretly hoped it would). The Cookie Monster only showed up for desert, which turned out to be neopolitan icecream. Furious, he kicked over Oscar's trash can and started a street brawl.
The sesame Street brawl was a tragic incident, but at least it ended the famine brought about by Big Bird's gluttonous greed.
by Vulch5 September 16, 2015
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