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What: Teen to College age Asians whom act ghetto whilst their financial situation is solid. As the term states, asians whom hang on the street or malls, despite being able to lounge in their families finely maintained patio. Can be, but not always, the same as the term wigger for white people.

Use:Derogatory, not as a term of endearment.

Disclaimer: To not be confused with actual ghetto ass Asian peoples, Redflags for actual ghetto ass Asians are rattails, tats,& grills. Do not fuck with those guys.

Who: Can be but not always including ricers, breakers, asians that hang out at boba joints.


Clothing- usually includes baggy pants and/or shorts, plain sweater preferably grey or black. They look like skaters but they're are no skateboards in sight.
Headwear-Usually wearing a beanie or a hat (SD or LA varieties) on their head, styling a shaved head with pierced ears.
Footwear-Always Nikes no matter what, Dunks, SB’s, etc.

Where: Abundant in the Southern California region, usually populate in Orange County, most prominently Irvine or the Paradise Hills, Bonita, Chula Vista and Eastlake areas of San Diego.
Go to the Irvine Spectrum or Plaza Bonita to witness hordes of street asians

Street Asians is a noun.

Within a Sentence:
Man these street asians are annoying to navigate around.
by AstronomyTextbook October 16, 2010
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