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World's first Cultural Movement agency, with offices in Amsterdam, New York, Sao Paulo - and Mumbai in progress.

The colossal agency networks have been operating on the same business model for the last 40 years — aggregation and consolidation into bureaucratic systems. That’s why we refer to them as ‘dinosaurs’ and think of ourselves as the smarter, more nimble ‘frog’.  At StrawberryFrog, we think there’s a better way.  A smarter, faster more efficient and more effective way.  We call this the Cultural Movement.  It combines the populist power of grass-roots movements with the science and discipline of consumer branding.

At the outset of any campaign, our first task is to identify the idea on the rise in culture.

Then we find those people who present the greatest opportunity to belong.  For them, Cultural Movement works three ways:  1) they’re interested in the offering, 2) their values and the brand’s values are the same, shared values, 3) they are activist about brands that matter to them, spreading the message to others like them.

Once your Cultural Movement begins, great creative ideas leads to the next great ideas, consumer engagement leads to new consumer engagement, and the brand goes from static to kinetic.  Every marketing dollar under a Cultural Movement works harder, faster, and lasts longer.
by FrogScott August 21, 2010
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