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An individual who only dates or hooks up with redheads.
Have you noticed Jason only hooks up with redheads? didn't know he's a strawberry picker?!
by NailedItTWICE November 09, 2017
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a person of hespanic descent in southern california. Because the only people who pick strawberries are latino
Damnit that strawbery picker gave me cold french fries
by blasian August 27, 2005
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the act of retrieving a bloody tampon from a girls vagina and fucking them til your cock falls off mid way through that horrific time of the month.
"Me and the fellas went strawberry pickin' last night and they were as ripe as veronica vaughns ass"

"Me mates call me strawb, short for strawberry picker, coz i pick heaps of strawberries"
by qball da blumpkin king April 20, 2018
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