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A person who does what is required & comes in the way from time to time being hopeful & ambitious. The success & failure doesn't matter but trial is enough, if attempted to do.
Person1: How do you live your life?

Person2: I do what I feel like or what comes in my way. For example, I proposed a girl but she rejected & I didn't feel to try anymore; I was free after my 12th so I appeared for Ca entrance in which I luckily passed in 1st attempt so I'm trying for inter-ca atm in which if I failed, will go for mba or advocacy; A person offered me hookah but I didn't want to try anything as such for no reason so I simply rejected; A girl got feelings for me & I got the same for her cz of which we got into relation but during exams will study, complete assignments before time, meet other friends & do all sorts of things as such. This is the way I live my life kind off as anything is mostly not fixed before.

Person1: Mate you're Stratinorent.
by Meet_d_maddo August 12, 2016
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