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Strange Taming - The art of dicking down . To dick down a girl so well that in a sense, you have Tamed or now control her pussy. But also more historically known as dicking down Strange or random women. That are otherwise not associated with you.
The Art Of Strange Taming -

:Hey Laird I just completely Tamed Fufu's Strange bra.

:Oh wow Taj, you got sweet moves .

Historically Strange Taming -

:Man my balls were so blue man.. I had to go out and Tame some Strange

:Oh damm man.. Better wrap it up, those strangers might have cheese.

:Ya man.. That would be some weak moves.. Lets go get some jalapeΓ±o poppers at TGI Fridays bra.

:Oh swheet
by oTamerOfStrangeo February 26, 2017
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