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Follow up album to the Doors' ground breaking debut. Released in October 1967, this album enjoyed success similar to its predecessor (peaking at #3). However, its always been classified as a step down from the group's first album. Mainly because the idea is that the best songs were cherry-picked for the Doors' first album and these are the left overs.

Still on its own this album is excellent and has a ton of great Doors hits including Love Me Two Times, People Are Strange, Moonlight Drive, Strange Days and another 11 minute epic known as When The Music's Over.

Often known as the Doors' darkest release, Strange Days is very underrated. Even the "filler" tracks are excellent namely the moody You're Lost Little Girl. The only thing weak here is Horse Latitudes a wretched poem written by Jim Morrison. None the less, a formidable follow up.
Despite Love Me Two Times and People Are Strange reaching the TOP 40 and the Strange Days album peaking at #3, Elektra excecutives deemed Strange Days a disappointment, claiming that its sales were bad. Many executives felt that the album's dark depressing tone turned off listeners.

Jim Morrison has often been quoted to saying this is his favourite Doors' album.

Many of the songs from Strange Days were written during the time the Doors were recording their first album (some even earlier). It has often been considered that Strange Days' songs were the left overs from the Doors first album sessions.
by J Rod November 22, 2005
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