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To be content. To be at one with yourself. A positive connotation or reflection about yourself or something else. The word derives from a mixture of the 2 terms "straight" and "gravy", with an addition of the term "wavy". (Straight + Gravy, with the Wavy infused). A term coined by Pittsburgh based rapper Beedie.
Example 1:
John: Would you like something to drink?
Jim: Nah, I'm straivy. Good looks.

Example 2:

Matt: How's the fam, bruh?
Mike: We straivy mane. How you?

Example 3:
Bill: Should I grab another Sprite?
Bob: No thanks, this should be straivy.
by GURUSTU412 March 05, 2013
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Hair that isn't completely straight or wavy.
When my hair dries, it won't make up its mind. It's like it's being straivy
by snikkio May 19, 2011
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