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n. A heterosexual.

On 4chan, EVERYONE is a faggot (regardless of sexuality), and a need came up to differentiate between types of faggotry. A homosexual would be a gay fag, and a fan of Japanese cartoons would be an anime fag.
I wanted him to do me up the butt, but it turns out he was a straight fag.
by Goat Slywinkle May 13, 2011
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Originally refers to those homosexuals who are so ineffably heteronormative that they act like typical breeders, even though they are a slave to the cock (or the vag). Its use has expanded as a insult for those who differ from the mainstream in an interesting or awesome way, but can't own it or face it.
"If you really like cheesy disco music, fine, but admit it or you'll be another straight fag.
by backfisch January 10, 2005
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A man who has sexual and romantic feelings towards women but jokes with his mates that he would have sex with them.
Heterosexual Guy: I'm sorry guys I can't have sexy time with you I'm doing the Mrs.

Non-Heterosexual Guy: Shut up straightfag (jokes).
by Your name (or pseudonym); January 10, 2009
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Someone who's a homosexual but does not practice it.
I know John is a straightfag, he acts different around boys than girls.
by whenyounutbutshesstillreacting September 01, 2016
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