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When someone/something is beyond any definition of something negative. Also used to describe any unpleasant situation, negative turn of events, or overall poor quality of any given day.
"Hey, what do you think of the picture I drew?"
"Umm, it's straight piss!"

"Man, I can't believe someone would fuck me over like that."
"Yeah, thats straight piss."

"So last night was suppose to be a wild time and it turned out to be all this drama, she got sick so we had to leave early, lost my fucking wallet THEN I hit like an hour of traffic on the way back. STRAIGHT PISS!"

"So I got fired today over some bullshit......yup, straight piss!"

"So my boy said he had all these hotties coming down last night, so I show up to the bar..."

"And how they look?"

"Son........STRAIGHT PISS!"
by Bruno Coldcreek March 07, 2008
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