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Stouffville is the town where the high school calls by-law officers to give kids $365 dollar vaping tickets.
In stouffville the vaping tickets are high but the kids are higher
by Rona season January 11, 2018
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A suburban town, north of Toronto, ON. Known for poor parenting, which results in children smoking weed, and going to weekend barn parties. This is a white community, however due to the expansion of the town more Negro, Browns, and Asians are moving in.

Also known as "the Ville".
Yo, you hear niggas be movin up north to the ville(stouffville).
You down to go to the ville"
by John Mackenzie Smith November 28, 2012
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A small town north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Known for it's stoners, and smoking weed. Also known as "the ville".
"I went to Stouffville yesterday and smoked more chron than I ever have before!"

"I love the ville"

"Stouffville shuffle!"
by ville4life October 22, 2009
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