The most powerful card in Magic: the Gathering. Some people carry a Storm Crow card in their wallets.
Player 1: I tap 2 islands to cast Storm Crow.
Player 2: ...I concede. You win.
by computerscientits April 24, 2017
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A rare breed of roller pigeon, most likely resulting from a deliberate cross of the Galatz Roller and Berlin Long Faced Tumpler by San Francisco area fanciers. With dramatic dark black plumage and elongated features, it is easy to differentiate from other common urban doves. Both males and females develop vivid reddish-orange rictal bristles when fully mature. The shade of orange is often compared to the international orange of San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge.
A pair of Storm Crows, long-shanked and imperturbable, parted the roiling mass of doves on the street below, like a hot blade through crème fraîche
by Saxonshield415 July 15, 2022
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